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Achieving Greatness

I must confess that I’m not sleeping well.  I thought that the older I got the better sleeper I would be, but that has proved false.  Here lately I’ve been waking up at 3am and venturing off to the living room sofa to try and get back to sleep.  It’s having less than desirable effects […]

Can I Trust the Bible?

One of my favorite scenes from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is near the end where Aslan returns to Cair Paravel and begins to bring to life those creatures whom the White Witch had turned to stone.  He does it in a most interesting way, by breathing onto them.  What the author is […]

Proof that God Exists

There are many external arguments for the existence of God.  Some point to the fact that our universe is in motion and that that begs the question of who put it into motion?  Some point to the intricacy of design in things like DNA and see that it points to an intelligent designer.  There are […]

Why Should I Believe in God?

I’ve been very blessed to have ministered now in two different countries: the United States of America and Northern Ireland.  Both countries could hardly be described as “unchurched”.  Both could probably be best described as “Christ-haunted landscapes”, to steal a term from Flannery O’Connor.  So, to travel around either of these countries you will see […]

Musings on Life in the Glens of Antrim (part 2)

Ireland is now our home.  For how long, we don’t know; as long as God determines it will be is the ultimate answer.  But until then, we long to learn, understand, and be of service to our neighbors here.  My family and I moved here 9 months ago from the United States and have set […]