Musings on Life in the Glens of Antrim (part 2)

Ireland is now our home.  For how long, we don’t know; as long as God determines it will be is the ultimate answer.  But until then, we long to learn, understand, and be of service to our neighbors here.  My family and I moved here 9 months ago from the United States and have set up residence in an area known as the Glens, along the coast of Co. Antrim.  This is a series of 9 valleys that run along the Northeastern shore of the island.  We are currently living in Glencloy and are working in Glenballyeamon.  It’s a very beautiful part of the world, but along with its outstanding natural beauty, there are many challenges that lie ahead for us.  This is my vain attempt at trying to better understand these challenges.


I bring to this an American perspective on it all; I make no attempt to cover up these sensibilities.  American life and culture is all I have known until now, so that’s the lens through which I will be filtering my observations.  I’m an outsider, which means my views will be immediately written off by some.  Be that as it may, I still believe that an outside perspective can be helpful.  It means my views, observations, and opinions have not been influenced by the local customs and cultures, hopefully making it fresher and less biased than some.  It’s incomplete, I fully admit that, but hopefully it’s growing in truth and love.


Secondly, I bring a Christian perspective.  Worldview is something that we all have, and I pray that mine is one that seeks to see things through Christ’s accomplished work.  Christ is my ultimate good, and this influences everything, even how I view the customs and culture of Ireland.  So as I embark on this project, I am also praying that what I say brings glory and honor to Christ Jesus.  And that from these observations and thoughts, I will be more humble and effective for service in his kingdom here in Northern Ireland.


We’re going to take several weeks to assess these observations.  We’ll start by taking a bird’s eye view of the nation’s history.  Next we’ll take a look at her People and her Culture.  We will then look at present day Ireland (Modern Times) before finally making some Conclusions.  Pray for me if you’re reading this.  It’s hard being away from family and friends.  But we believe that God has us here for a reason, and we are trusting in him to show us how to do it.  Ultimately it’s God we need to move and so it’s God we stand and wait for; and He will, in His time.

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